The cases are made of plywood 9mms, both light and heavy type, they are then sheathed with ABET Laminate formica from Italy, in any colour you want. The materials used are from the PENN FABRICATION company, which has been tested for its credibility for many years in the Greek and world market.

The wood that we use in our constructions is sea plywood, 9mm thickness. The selection of the particular materials has been made after taking into consideration three basic advantages:

  • Bigger resistance
  • Resistance to humidity
  • Smaller weight


The countries of origin are two:

AFRICA. Because of its the small weight and bigger flexibility it is used for small and intermediate types of constructions like Dj Set (Cd and Mixed), small consoles e.t.c.

SWEDEN BIRCH. For big constructions like Plasma TV and big sound consoles.

However, there is also an alternative solution with constructions of suitcase type which are:

  • Very durable
  • Functional
  • Light and beautiful

These are constructed perimetrically with male and female aluminium profile with various height dimensions, while the lid and bottom are made of plywood 4mm sheathed with formica coming from Italy in various colors.